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Experts in Business Aviation

More than 40 years

For more than 40 years TJS as Austria´s first Executive Air Operator have been providing Business Jet Services to valuable clients on the worldwide Executive Air Charter Market.

EASA AIR OPS Standards

We conduct our services according to EASA AIR OPS Standards and employ Pilots and Cabin Crew Members on fulltime basis only. This secures our continuity.


Our own in-house EASA Part-145 Maintenance Facility is available for our own aircraft, as well as for managed aircraft. Our customer orientated Dispatch/Commercial Office is available 24H/7D.

Aircraft Management Services

Enquiries for our dedicated Aircraft Management Services are welcome. TJS already supports the operation of several Business Jets, e.g. Dassault Falcon 2000, 900EX Easy, Bombardier Global 5000 and Dornier 328 Jet – available for private operations only.


Tyrolean Jet Services have been honored by the FAA to conduct commercial air transportation services to/from/within the U.S. according to FAA Part 129. Further we participate with the U.S. Visa Waiver Program.


Stage 2 IS-BAO & ARG/US Platinum

We are looking forward to continuing our business according to our long term internal high standards including Stage 2 IS-BAO certification and ARG/US Platinum rating, both recently awarded. ARGUS, the leading audit organization for aircraft operators around the world, has re-re-awarded 2017 its Platinum Rating, the highest level of safety ratings.


Tyrolean Jet Services was honoured by EBAA (European Business Aviation Association) with the Platinum Safety Award 2014  for logging more than 100.000 flight hours accident free – in more than 35 years of operations! EBAA (founded 1977) is the leading Association for Business Aviation in Europe. It promotes excellence and professionalism amongst its members and is the only representative of the sector recognised by European Authorities.


TJS was also honoured by BACA for excellent quality and distinguished services within the air charter industry with the BACA Global Excellence Award 2009, 2010 and 2011! (BACA – the Baltic Air Charter Association – is the world’s largest and most prestigious network for Aircharter Professionals)


TJS AOC 2019 - PDF




Safe and secure

That is how you fly on board of Tyrolean Jet Services!

  • Safety and Security are given top priority in our corporate-culture and governance.

  • We have an efficient Safety Management in our company, which is very well supported by our staff at very low fluctuations.

  • All executive managers responsible have been working for TJS for at least 15 years.

  • All our colleagues have devoted themselves to improve our safety standards continuously and regularly.

  • We have our own In-house Safety- and Quality-Management, as well as a Safety Management System (SMS). TJS is certified according to IS-BAO.

  • We operate according to an Advanced Training & Qualificiation Program (ATQP) as one of the very first operators worldwide. This program permits an individually tailored training for our crew members which is thus more effective compared to a ready-made training program.

  • We develop self-learning improvement-processes and are hence constantly improving our safety standards.

  • We run an ASRS (Aviation Safety Reporting System) and a Flight Data Monitoring System, where all occurrences as well as notices are analysed and documented.

  • Beyond the officially compulsory requirements, all our crew members are instructed in JAA certified training centers on a regular basis (JAA Joint Aviation Authorities).

  • A maximum of Safety and Security is granted by ongoing internal and external auditings.

  • The required experience of TJS pilots is far above legal minimum standards. According to TJS internal requirements a Captain of the Bombardier Global Express has to prove evidence of at least 5.000 total flight hours (2.000 of which on jets). The JAA minimum standard is 1.500 hours only.

  • Also our Cabin Crew Members exceed the legal minimum standards in terms of qualification and training by far. They as well as the Flight Deck Crews annually complete Safety-, First Aid-, Fire Fighting- and Water Survival-Trainings under realistic conditions.

  • On all flights with Cabin Crew Members a heart defibrillator is on board our aircraft. Pilots and Cabin Crew Members reguarly exercise how to use the heart defibrillator.

  • All employees at TJS have to undergo a security check according to EU edict No. 2320/2002 and are instructed and periodically trained in Aviation Safety and Security.

  • TJS runs its own flight coordination and control center 24h/7d. Highly experienced and specialized Long Range Dispatchers secure professional flight scheduling. This is to best support our Crew Members assuring a premium flight management. Together with our Pilots and Cabin Crew Members they ensure hassle free operations.

  • TJS also runs its own EASA Part 145 certified Maintenance Centre at our homebase Innsbruck/Austria, which is the first maintenance facility in Austria certified according to EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). The highest safety standards can hence be guaranteed by our permanently employed, highly qualified aircraft engineers.






IS-BAO 2019



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