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Aircraft Management

Tyrolean Jet Services is happy to secure the advantages of aircraft ownership to valuable clients.

We offer a wide range of management services and we are happy to customize our support to specific requirements of aircraft owners worldwide.

Our 40+ years experience operating business jet aircraft offers several opportunities to our management clients. Adding your business jet to our aircraft fleet gives you operational and financial advantages and ensures your aircraft is always being operated in a reliable, safe and professional manner.

Your enquiries are welcome.

Please contact:

Martin Lener, CEO
Telefon +43 512 22577 26

Email martin.lener[at]tjs[dot]at

Range of Management Services

  • Aircraft acquisition; evaluation & monitoring
  • Aircraft registration
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Crew recruitment, training, licensing
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • EASA Part NCC
  • CAMO Services
  • 24H/7D (own) long range Flight Planning Department (OCC)
  • OCC available for scheduling and as permanent contact
  • Savings from TJS fleet discounts; e.g. insurance, fuel, training
  • Invoice screening, warranty tracking
  • Monthly operational & financial reporting
  • Fixed, or (upon request) variable management fees
  • 24H/7D access to our VIP Courtesy Services Dept

AC Management

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