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CAMO Services

Continuing Airworthiness and Maintenance Management Services (CAMO).


  • Planning and coordination of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities
  • AOG support
  • Deferred defect control
  • Management of modifications and repairs
  • Development and revision of approved maintenance programmes
  • MEL development and revision
  • AD/SB assessment and tracking
  • Accomplishment of airworthiness reviews
  • Operational item control such as aircraft weighting
  • Storage of continuing airworthiness records

Your enquiries are welcome.

CAMO Approval Certificate - PDF, 200KB


Please contact:

Jörg Ostermann
Telefon +43 512 22577 85

Email joerg.ostermann[at]tjs[dot]at

Range of Management Services

  • Aircraft acquisition; evaluation & monitoring
  • Aircraft registration
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Crew recruitment, training, licensing
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • 24H/7D (own) long range Flight Planning Department (OCC)
  • OCC available for scheduling and as permanent contact
  • Savings from TJS fleet discounts; e.g. insurance, fuel, training
  • Invoice screening, warranty tracking
  • Monthly operational & financial reporting
  • Fixed, or (upon request) variable management fees
  • 24H/7D access to our VIP Courtesy Services Dept

CAMO Services

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