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EASA Part NCC Solutions

In order to provide our customers with the full range of services, TJS does not only operate 3 different AOCs, but also offers the full service for EASA Part-NCC operations. From August 2016 this Regulation applies to non-commercial flights in complex motor-powered aircraft to all owners and operators having their principal place of business in one of the EASA Member States.


With no disruption or noticeable difference to the daily operation of the Owner, TJS ensures a seamless transition to EASA Part-NCC. Known for finding individual solutions for potential variants the Owner may retain his current service providers and continue employing its own crew or taking advantage of our long-term industry knowledge for alternative solutions. Let us take care of the complex regulations, including the compliance of all safety and airworthiness requirements. In detail that would be:


  • Ensuring Continuing Airworthiness
  • Guarantee and maintain training requirements for the crew
  • Set up and maintain an Operational Manual  and other required documentation
  • Provide a Safety Management System and Compliance Monitoring System
  • Audit the Aircraft and its interior according to required standards


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