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Our Services

We are highly experienced in worldwide operation including long haul and ETOPS flights to remote destinations. 


  • Our OCC is your single point of contact is staffed 24H/7D to ensure with quick response.
  • Experienced, well trained and customer oriented staff.
  • Computerized flight plans using state of the art hard- and software.
  • Customized Crew Briefings.
  • Arrangement of ground handling, slots and permits.
  • Benefit from TJS preferred agents and our negotiated terms & conditions.
  • We calculate the most fuel efficient route whilst complying with all regulations.
  • Flight watch. We permanently mointor your aircraft and let you know exactly where it is.

Benefit from the full range of our services

  • Our own IATA travel office -we take care of your crew proceedings and accommodation.
  • VISA service - we arrange and manage your crew visa.
  • Fuel purchasing - we make sure you get the cheapest fuel, wherever you fly.
  • Concierge Services - limousine services, special catering, rare wines. We make sure your guests get the attention they deserve.
  • In-house CAMO Services - Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation.

Test us!

You can try our services at a special test fee. We offer you a tailored package of services according to your needs. We will offer a monthly fee that includes the services you need or a pay per use program. Contact us for details.


Please contact:

Operations Control Center OCC

Email occ[at]tjs[dot]at

TJS Operations Control Center OCC

Customized Crew Briefings

Long haul & ETOPS flights

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