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Airbus ACJ319 

Enjoy a life style beyond your expectations.

Our  Airbus 319 aircraft offers a very flexible cabin layout with great levels of comfort which are unavailable on any other traditional business jet.

With a very spacious cabin - twice as wide and triple the cabin volume - of any other long range jet, this ACJ319 aircraft  delivers plenty of cabin space and lots of freedom to relax or move on board. Sophisticated cabin management systems feature in-flight-entertainment and stylish cabin-lighting.

On this long range equipped ACJ319 aircraft, a bedroom with full height shower is available. Beside extended intercontinental range capabilities and excellent short-field take-off and landing performance, State-of-the-Art manufacturing techniques, all ACJ aircraft feature several innovations, like fly-by-wire controls and highly efficient carbon brakes. Our ACJ 319 is able to carry larger executive-, family- and government-groups, allowing our highly experienced crew members to serve a purpose that other business jets cannot deliver.

Enjoy a lifestyle beyond you expectations!

This aircraft and our crew are CAT II approved!


Width: 12,2 ft / 370 cm
Height: 7,4 ft / 226 cm
Length: 78 ft / 23,77 m

Cruising Speed

up to 560 mph / 900 km/h


Nonstop Up to 5.000 NM / 9.000 km


Volume: 293 ft3 / 8,30 m




Exclusive Hot Meals


Master Bedroom with 2 single beds, telephone and video system

Bathroom with en suite shower and toilet, 2 supplementary toilets

Sleeping Beds
Entertainment + Airshow + Satcom + Fax + LAN/WLAN + 3 Notebook Connections


Airbus ACJ319 OE-LIP

Airbus ACJ319 OE-LIP Interior

Airbus ACJ319 OE-LIP Interior

Airbus ACJ319 OE-LIP Interior

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