The Skies are Calling


are Calling

Get a Glimpse into the Life of a Pilot.

Our pilots make the magic happen, day in and day out. They keep our passengers safe, and they contribute to the pleasant atmosphere on board. But that is only our side of the story now let’s find out more about their experience.

...why does one become a pilot?

…why does one become a pilot?

A strong passion for aviation, the fascination of flying, leaving the grey behind and rising above the clouds. The reasons for becoming a pilot are manifold but usually have one common ground: this is not a job, it’s a calling. Our pilots are enthusiasts who find their profession truly rewarding and who couldn’t picture doing anything else with their lives.
…how does one become a pilot?

…how does one become a pilot?

The seat in the cockpit is hard-earned. After passing a theory test, our pilots-to-be make the flight simulator their second home. There they get confronted with every situation imaginable, including emergencies in the air. Once they’ve successfully mastered this level, it’s time to take off in an actual aircraft. Then – many, many flight hours later – we hand over the keys.
…what does extraordinary mean for a pilot?

…what does extraordinary mean for a pilot?

There’s one part of the job that gives even the most experienced pilot goosebumps: flying organs. TJS regularly contributes to lifesaving missions by flying organ donations to those who are in dire need of one. Our pilots are a key factor in this important cause and take this assignment, which adds extra purpose to their already fulfilling job, very seriously.