Taking off towards the future

the future

What happens when you turn changes into chances

Sometimes so much change happens in such a short period of time that looking back can start feeling surreal. We started the last year as a successful private jets and services provider and left it as an enabler of experiences. We’ve had some help along the way but first and foremost we had the courage to trust a vision and then do anything to make it a reality. Now we are more content than ever before with the place we are in as well as with our brand look & feel. We are in the prime starting position to take off towards the future and we would love to share the steps that brought us here with you. Are you ready? Then fasten your seatbelt and enjoy your flight.

New captain aboard

Diana Langes-Swarovski takes over

Diana Langes-Swarovski takes over

Following in her father’s footsteps, Diana Langes-Swarovski has reported for her legacy, becoming the new owner of Tyrolean Jets & Services.

For us as a company this defined the ideal moment to reevaluate our current position and to spread our wings even further.
Person carrying suitcase inside private jet

Never one to follow the known path, Diana brought the motivation with her that inspired us to set off towards the unknown and to conquer new goals.

Her unstoppable desire for constant development and for gaining experiences turned into the energy that fueled our new look & feel. But see for yourselves…