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Turning a homepage into a home port

After the logo and the colors were decided, our redesign process started to really come together. Then it was time to tackle the biggest part: our website. How could we transport this new feel to our online presence? Our wish was to make our personality tangible with every click and on every subpage. Yet at the same time we wanted to convey how serious we are about the private aviation business. Professionalism and safety are our top priorities and potential clients or brokers need to be able to find the information they are looking for clearly. It was a balancing act but in the end we secured a precision landing and couldn’t be happier with how the website turned out.

A place for the extraordinary

Glamorous woman with sunglasses sitting in private jet holding a magazine

Transmitting our look & feel to social media

“There’s a time and place for everything” – this could be seen as our motto for our social media channels. They also got the full makeover and depending on what you’re looking for, you can be sure to find it there.

On LinkedIn we share corporate news and inspiration, come here to stay up to date with what’s going on in our daily business life.
Several drinks getting served inside the private jet with bottle of champagne in the background

On Instagram on the other hand… now that’s the place to have some fun. Join us there when you feel like escaping the everyday world for a minute.

While flying around the globe we have picked up a travel anecdote or two and we’re also not shy to share one-of-a-kind tips. Are you ready to come away with us? Follow us for a direct flight towards the extraordinary.

This is it the extended version to the changes you might have noticed. Now go and explore for yourselves! Click through our website with all the subpages and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn & Instagram. We’ll see you there!