Front cockpit window of TJS private jet in black and white

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How three letters changed our whole perception

We started our rebranding process to make the new era of TJS come alive. But we didn’t stop at a new font, we took everything one step further: What used to be Tyrolean Jet Services is now Tyrolean Jets & Services. Changing a well-known name is always a major matter (and yes, we are aware that we only added one small word) but one we considered to be worthwhile. Our former handle implied that our core business is supporting services when in fact our core has been and still is business jet operation. Flying under the name Tyrolean Jets & Services makes this clear at first glance and simultaneously differentiating our business fields has become easier for us. A true win on the name base for us!

Making change visible

A new logo that feels like TJS

A new logo that feels like TJS

When we laid eyes on the first draft of our new design there was something that hooked us immediately: it felt like us.

The new logo with its double wing inspired by a dragonfly – which unbeknownst to most holds a dear meaning for Diana – was an instant match. Suddenly things started to feel like they were falling into place.

This sentiment continued also with the decision to use new colors: Premium Sky like the crystal-clear shades of blue we ascend to once we leave the clouds below us.

Off White like the snowy tips of the Tyrolean mountains that seem close enough to touch whenever we fly home.

Tribe Brown like the warm and welcoming earth that we touch ground on upon landing.
And Tyrolean Red – bold, authentic, timeless. Like the heritage we carry with us wherever we fly.

We are hugely appreciative of our new look & feel… does it show?